The End of Our First Semester

The first semester at Edmonds Heights K-12 has come to an end. We are doing pretty well there. The schedule and classes seem to be a good fit for us right now. Our 5.5 year old is still super excited about “school”, and he’s looking forward to getting into more classes in the second semester that starts next week. He wants to continue with his Fairy-tale Kitchen Cooking class. He got very excited over adding a Math class. We also added an Art class, a piano lesson, a Kindergarten skills class, and YMCA Homezone PE/Swimming class. We are all looking forward to our new semester.

We are generally a pretty healthy bunch in this family, but we were hit by the flu in December 2017. We spent Christmas Day in the emergency room. We were all sick, on-by-one, for weeks. It seemed to be taking too long for my 3.5 year old to bounce back, so we took him. Within a week, we were all back to ourselves.

After returning to health in the last couple weeks, the boys both started eating seemingly twice as much as usual. We are looking at a growth spurt. On top of more food, EB has been wanting more of everything lately. He already asked for Minecraft! He also wanted a new backpack with a binder in it for his ABC’s and 123’s, like his big brother. So, we purchased him a Samsung Android tablet, like his big brother’s and a new back pack big enough to fit his new learning binder. These boys are becoming more academically inclined than we expected at these young ages.

Work. Learn. Play. Camping! We did not get to have as many family trips last Spring/Summer as we would have liked. This year, we are looking ahead. We have already booked a few camping trips for this coming summer, starting with one in May. We are hoping to make it back to Cali this summer. As the boys are getting bigger, and mom and dad are working more, we need to step back and be very conscious of scheduling time to balance our energies – Down time. Time to relax and explore. Together.


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