Pre-school?? –> Kinder

LW attended a preschool class for a few months at Lynnwood Rec Center. We decided to take him out. It wasn’t worth the money to us based on what he was actually learning/doing. We decided once again to focus on homeschooling… And make sure we get him into classes, since he wants them, and he does well. 

For the next few years I really want him to learn at his own pace and how he chooses. I want learning to be fun. I want him to discover his own preferences and strengths with as little pressure as possible.  Reading and math will come. They both already impress me with how much they know and can do.

For the spring/summer we are focusing on outdoor fun, as this past winter in the PNW was especially long, and we spent lots of time indoors. Vitamin D, here we come!  LW attended Froggy Holler hiking class again thru Shoreline Rec. He loved it! We are all now attending Itty Bitty hiking class at Discovery Park on Saturdays.

LW is registered for a LEGO camp next week thru Shoreline. It’s a Minecraft themed LEGO camp for four hours a day M-F. He’s looking forward to it! And he needs time away from us working with older kids! 

In the Fall, it looks like LW will be attending our local school district’s “Edmonds Heights” homeschool parent partnership program for Kindergarten, and EB and I will be there on campus for each class, so he’ll be learning along side LW. More info on that to come.


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