Playing in Nature

One of our favorite things to do is to enjoy nature.

Lewis is 3.5 years old, and Edward is 1.5. Leward Academy 2016-02-10.pngThey love to go on hikes! We moved to Washington state from Southern California a few months ago, and one of our main reasons for moving was to get closer to nature. We absolutely love all of the parks up here with the amazing playgrounds and so many hiking trails. The building we moved into has a small hiking trail right behind it that is attached to a city park with a playground – practically in our back yard. It is simply beautiful.

We encourage our boys to play all day. We are very aware of the vast amount of research that demonstrates how young children learn best through free play. When it is raining outside, as it does so often here, we spend time playing at home, and we have been exploring indoor play places all over – within about 30 miles. There are some really nice ones very close to us. I’ll try to create a list and add it to our Resources page soon. Lately, we started dropping off Lewis twice a week at a drop-in play class that is provided at our local Recreation Center. He seems to love it.

We are just beginning our official homeschooling/unschooling journey. We are leaning toward “unschooling” as a philosophy, but  I don’t want to be boxed into any label just yet. Legally, we will be “homeschooling”, and I hope to keep track of my boys’ learning here on this website – as a family journal. Once the boys are old enough I hope they will take over the recordkeeping process – as metacognition is the forgotten secret to success.

Welcome to our journey. We are hoping to make friends with local homeschool/unschool families. We would love to meet up for play dates, and we are considering starting our own Homeschool Co-op someday… potentially… if we don’t find an already established group that we love. Let us know if you are interested. Please, follow us and leave us a comment.


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